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Press, a classy minimalist Wordpress theme

We are excited to finally launch our latest theme to come out of the Obox Signature Series, called ‘Press’.

Press is a minimalist blog theme which can serve many different purposes. The nature of its design means the modifications are endless and the boundaries for content are only determined by you.

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Youtube Embed

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The Real Bears (Vimeo oEmbed)

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Do you have a 'style'?

It is not something I have thought of until, the other day, someone recently took a look at one of our web designs and said “Yes, that is definitely your style”. Their response surprised me because I have never thought of myself as having a ‘style’ per se.

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Look up and speak up

Being busy with From the Couch has taken a lot of my focus off We Are not Freelancers… I am sorry for that! So without further delays I want to write about the projection of confidence.

Too many people I know project a negative and bad attitude and then wonder why their life/business doesn’t improve.

Well stop wondering and start refocusing your projection.

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Good design can drive traffic

While designing We Are not Freelancers we had one goal in mind. Our goal was to get featured on as many web galleries as possible.

This isn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination, we had never achieved it before so why would we do it now? From start to finish this blog took about 8 days to create but I think of those 8 days I must have spent every hour of them on the design.

Why did we want to be featured on galleries?

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